Black canvas arts-Thick drawing and thin drawing are also called dry drawing and wet drawing. Thick painting mainly refers to the process of painting in the process of toning with less water, Black and White Canvas Art covering with a thicker color, a larger amount of color.
And the thin drawing method is to point to when drawing normally tonal thinner moist,Contemporary Canvas Art has the painting effect that watercolor dripping wet. Which is better, thick or thin?
How do you use it? Actually, thick painting and thin painting are often combined in gouache sketching.
Of course, there are also some authors who prefer to use thick or thin painting, Large Abstract Art which is also determined by their painting habits. In order to illustrate the different techniques and grasp their painting methods, we first talk about the characteristics of the two painting methods separately.
When a thick drawing method is painted, dip in with the pen lubricious and full, mix waterless, when representing an object picture, must next pen affirmation is powerful, brushstroke sense of direction is clear.
It is very suitable for the expression of the body turning clear, solid and thick objects, such as clay pot, hot pot, potatoes, fruits and so on.
In the expression of thick drawing method, besides thick heap and shaping method, the permeable bottom drawing method can also be adopted.
This kind of method is the pigment on the pen although dry and thick, dip in lubricious amount is not much, when using a pen to draw, relaxed and fluent, cause the effect that breathes freely intentionally, the color that drops a pen
namely does not want to draw dead, picture solid, make the person feels very breathable, ground color can show between pen and pen, build the base tone tendency of this colorific area jointly.
This kind of gimmick can make or relaxed, lively, rich, vivid color effect. HAND MADE LARGE ACRYLIC PAINTING CONTEMPORARY ART

Thin drawing method, it is the shop color of the large area commonly, watercolor dripping wet, add next layer upon layer go.
When using a thin drawing method, use color and water to want enough, a gas spreads big-picture concern.
Move your pen quickly and decisively, or you will get a lot of water stains.
Thin painting is often appropriate for the performance of soft lining cloth, glass reflection, porcelain bottles, flowers or fruit, and so on, this will help to show the luster of objects and subtle color changes.
On the one hand, the choice of techniques to represent objects depends on the type of objects, and on the other hand, it is also determined by individual painting habits and preferences.

Thick drawing and thin drawing can be used to draw all kinds of objects.
Generally speaking, the color of dark ministry and the color of a distant setting object should draw a few thinner, empty a few, the color of bright ministry and the color of close place object should draw a few thicker, solid a few.
This is easy to pull the color intensity before and after, but also in line with our visual experience.

Children's room decoration directly determines whether the child can grow up healthily, Large Living Room Wall Decor so the children's room is built to be very particular, the child's healthy growth needs a comfortable environment, design lovely, decorate fashionable and environmental protection children's room to ensure the child's health.

  1. L-type large cabinets make full use of the two walls in the children's room, and the combination of open and closed storage furniture has enriched the performance form; The bed and desk were thus placed under the closet.
    2. Pure blue gives people a sense of peace and increases light transmission. Simple blue is enough to attract children's eyes. The furniture placed against the wall is tightly structured and does not waste a scrap of room space.
    3. The bed is hidden under the high platform, and the above is the children's learning garden. Duplex furniture allows you to experience the fun of going up and down in the elevated apartment.
    4. Strong color contrast uses the visual nerve that can stimulate the child. The two beds that are stacked up and down occupy only one bed.
    5. Add some yellow-green to lilac to create a dreamlike feeling. The furniture layout of the double room is always painstaking, and the beds are interwoven and added. They are skillfully integrated into the wardrobe, shelving and other storage functions, saving a lot of ground space.
    The children's room uses a contrast between red and white, and the double furniture and the heart-shaped pattern on the fabric are echoing. It will not be too warm because of the appearance of red, nor will it appear monotonous because of the large area of white. Offers Best Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas. Cheap Extra Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping.

According to the step-by-step process, it is easy to hang Oversized Wall Art on the wall. Collect tools before you start and determine how to properly hang a large wall painting in the allocated space.

Supplies and Tools Needed
You need to collect some simple tools/consumables to ensure the success of your project. These include:

Scale: Scalable metal tape is a good choice.
Pencil: Use No. 2 pencil or automatic pencil to mark nail points.
Hammer: A common carpenter’s hammer can work, although you can use a nail hammer (interior decoration hammer).
Screwdriver: Electric screwdriver is easier to use than a manual screwdriver.
Photo hangers: Some painting have jagged hangers, some acrylic painting has D-ring hangers or steel wire hangers.
Artist’s tape: Used for double-screen hangers.
Mark: Double screen hanger.
Scissors: Cut off the artist’s tape.
Grade: Use with a painting featuring two or more hangers.

Steps for Symmetrical Layouts
Asymmetric layout depends on knowing the central location of the wall space you are using. This method will ensure that your large canvas painting layout is perfectly balanced. This is especially useful whether you use the whole wall for a gallery or just a part of the wall to build an image arrangement. If your layout is less traditional and won’t be symmetrical, then skip this step.

Step One: Find Center of Wall
The wall space you use can be rectangular or square. The correct measurement term used is the height and width of the wall space you are using. Measure the height and width of the wall space you are using. If you are using the entire wall space, you will need to find the center of the wall and start there. If your space is limited to an area of the wall, you will measure the height and width of the available space.
To find the width:

The measuring wall begins at one end of the wall. Place tapes along the kickboard to measure wall width. For example, you can get 12 feet.
Once you know the width of the wall space you’re using, divide the number by two. So, 12 ÷ 2 = 6 feet.
Measure once more from the end of the wall until you reach the new number of 6 feet.
Mark the middle point with a pencil somewhere on the wall just above the kickboard or circular strip.
You also need to mark the center with a pencil at the top of the wall width.

To find the height:

Measure the wall height from the floor to the ceiling, keeping a straight vertical line all the way to the ceiling. For example, you may get 8 feet.
Divide the height measurement of the wall by two. So, 8 ÷ 2 = 4 feet.
Step Two: Intersect Width and Height Measurement
Now that you have both the width and height halfway points marked, use the measuring tape to pinpoint the precise center of the wall.

Match up the two width marks (top and bottom) by holding the tape measure from the floor to ceiling.
Mark the wall with a pencil at the 4-foot mark.
This is the absolute center of your wall space. It’s the point you’ll use to determine how to place your Big Canvas Art layout. You will measure for your layout from this center point for each side of your picture arrangement is symmetrical.

Partial Wall Spaces
As mentioned, you may not be using a full wall, but a partial wall space for your abstract canvas painting. If open wall space is limited, you’ll need to follow the same steps to get the center of the area you plan to use; just select ending points for space you plan to utilize.

How to Hang Gallery Walls and Groupings
One thing to consider when working with an abstract canvas arrangement or grouping is the space between the painting and the painting sizes. When working with uniform wall painting sizes, you can keep a consistent measurement between your painting so the grouping has a cohesive look. You can accommodate this space between your abstract wall art:

Decide on space you want between your painting. The general rule is 2 inches to 4 inches, depending on the wall sizes and the number of abstract painting.
Proceed with the measurements above to find the center of the wall.
The first picture you want to hang is the one that will be in the center of your grouping.
Once you have hung the picture, measure four strips of painter’s tape the width you desire between your pictures and apply to the wall from the edges of your picture (use level for even placement).
Proceed with the arrangement you pre-planned and repeat the process until all of your pictures have been hung on the wall.
Remove tape and enjoy your wall gallery.

The Significance of the Study on Decorative Color in Oil Painting

In their own unique ways to use his decorative color language, many contemporary Chinese painters constantly explore with decorative color painting. Both foreign and foreign art has been deeply studied, borrowed, and integrated. Although the cultural exchanges between the East and the West have become more frequent and the culture has infiltrated each other, the boundaries of the nation's conscious language have been diluted and blurred, but the color language of his works shows that the artistic soul will not change. The spirit of this nation will not change. We should realize that modern is not a conservative negation and fracture, that modern art is the continuation and evolution of conservative art, and strive to discover the essence of the National painting art. In the process of discovering the essence of the National painting art and inventing both traditional and modern oil paintings and national spiritual works, we will combine conservative art with Large contemporary Art and combine popular needs and cultural tastes. To explore works of your own style.

Contemporary Abstract Painting, Panoramic Wall Art

The so-called western modernist art refers to some schools of modern art developed in western countries from the beginning of the twentieth century - the Beast School, Cubism, Futurism, Dada School, Expressionism, Surrealism, Abstractionism, Pop Art and so on.

The emergence of Western modernist art has its political, economic, cultural and philosophical historical origins, which are closely related to the process of modern western society. After the British bourgeois industrial revolution in the 17th century, a series of changes caused by the new technological revolution led to corresponding changes in the social structure, people's thoughts, consciousness, values, relations between people and so on. Reflected in the field of fine arts, the newly developed modern science, with its practical effects and achievements, has promoted people to adopt a more open attitude towards artistic innovation; the growing maturity of photography technology has seriously shaken the painting belief that imitation of nature is the whole purpose; the introduction of Oriental Art and African art represented by Japanese prints has greatly stimulated the simplification. Under the influence of Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche's philosophical thoughts and Freudian psychology, a group of painters opposed the repression of rationality and the shackles of tradition, attached importance to intuition and subconscious activities, artistically not satisfied with the reproduction of objective things, but focused on the "self-expression" of the heart; various contradictions and drawbacks of the Western real society, in particular, in the following aspects: The painter's works also produce direct or refractive reflection, so modern art is the inevitable product of the development of modern Western society.

3 Panel Universe Large Abstract Canvas Art Paintings

Since the emergence of the colorful Western modernist art, not only in China but also in the West is mixed, different opinions. Whether art is traditional or modern, the key is its content: What does it show? What does it reflect? On the other hand, the creative methods and schools of art are not fixed. We should carry out in-depth research and historical and sociological analysis of artists and works, It is unscientific and incomplete for us to affirm and deny them generally, or simply to equate modernist art with decadent bourgeois art. Offers Best Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas. Cheap Extra Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping.