Painting is a good decoration of the wall in home life. In the past, people liked to paste star posters on the wall, so that the wall of the home is no longer blank. Up to now, more and more kinds of decorative paintings have appeared in the field of home decoration, if you know how to use one or more Abstract Art paintings to decorate the home space, then the home will become very tasteful.

 The master room belongs to the private area of the household space. Most of the decorative paintings used in it are hanging on the bedside background wall, and have the function of personality point and thought presentation. The most basic requirement is that Whether it is customized painting, or decorative painting, we should pay attention to its color, lines which should match with the overall style of interior decoration. If the owner buy furniture first, then decorative painting or purchase must follow the principle of matching with the overall furniture. When functions are satisfied, we should also pursue higher levels of mental, psychological and emotional needs. Therefore, when choosing Abstract Art paintings, owners should concentrate more on artistic conception or ideological character. The selection order of decorative paintings in theme is abstract painting, landscape painting, flower and bird painting and figure painting. Of course, you can also draw directly on the background wall, and with the guidance of professional painters, you can do it by yourself, let the decorative paintings become more meaningful. The content of paintings can be created or chosen according to the life experience, hobbies and habits of the owners.

 Different quantities, different requirements for placement,the bedside background wall decorative paintings, you can put one or two, can also be 3 panel wall art or more. Generally speaking, the number of paintings does not have a unified standard, if matched properly, a number of paintings can also be placed in high grade. Hanging two pictures is the most common in the host room. We should note that the two paintings should in two different size and the best is not to hang them symmetrically. In visual psychology, our eyes often move back and forth between the two paintings, causing eye fatigue. If you hang them in two different size , you can make the center of vision fall on a picture.