1. Don't hang the curtain pole too low.
Too low will easily lower the depth of space. It gives people a feeling of depression and cramping.

2. Don't hang art painting too high
It should be hung at a level where the human eye can see, so as to facilitate the appreciation and relaxation of others.

3. Don't ignore the matching of furniture
The home environment is a system that can be perfectly interpreted only if all elements are coordinated with one another

4. Don't ignore light design
A proper home design, lighting is often play an important role of it, not only to ensure the basic lighting function, but also to be able to beautify the space properly, create a different emotional atmosphere.

5. Don't ignore storage space for beauty
When decorating the house, aesthetics is important, but it can not ignore its functionality. Only by making good use of every inch of space in the home then we can not waste it.

6. Don't be afraid to use your favorite color on the wall
If you have a favorite color, don't be afraid to use it on the wall. If we use these colors properly, we can make our homes more vibrant.

Tip 1: Abstract Art Paintings enhance the sense of space, abstract paintings have been seen as difficult art to understand , but in the modern decoration style of the family can play a very important role.

Tip 2: The first point of sight is the best position,the first point of sight when enter the door is the most appropriate place to place decorative paintings, so you do not feel that the home wall is empty, poor vision, but also can produce a sense of freshness.

Tip 3: Corner Abstract Art Paintings change the direction of vision, the corner refers to the corner of the interior space, such as two walls of 90 degrees angle in the living room, just like the sofa combination L sofa. The decorative painting of corner is not very strict in space, it can give people a comfortable feeling.

Tip 4: Staircase decoration can be irregular, if you upstairs, you are facing a large wall area, then you can ask professionals to directly draw patterns on the wall. This method is very creative, and you can design drawings according to your own ideas.

Tip 5: Colors should be matched according to different spaces. In general, the interior of the modern home style is dominated by white, and yellow and red are the main colors when decorated. Do not choose negative, lifeless decorative paintings, the living room as much as possible to choose bright, lively colors.

Tip 6: The shape of the decorative painting should be correspond to the shape of the space. If the space of the wall to hang the decorative painting is rectangular, then you can choose a single decorative painting of the same shape or a combination of decorative paintings that are now more popular, especially the combination of decorative paintings. Different placement methods and spacing, Can achieve different effects.

Tip 7: The decorations should echo the details of the 3 panel wall art. After selecting the decorative paintings, you can also match some more innovative decorations.

First,dining room
In the restaurant with a relaxed, elegant and soft painting, will bring you a pleasant dinner mood. No matter with solid wood table or modern glass table, it can create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. Restaurant Canvas Art Painting, size control in the 70x80cm or so more suitable

The bedroom is the private domain of the master, so don't stick to the subject of oil painting, the only main idea is to create a comfortable, easeful and romantic atmosphere. If you don't have a particular idea, recommend human and warm tonal landscape themes, classical or classical impressions of style. The best position of the bedroom hanging painting is the bedside, the sized chooses 90cm × 135cm, especially emphasizes the use of double nail suspension to ensure safety. The bedroom painting pays attention to the overall coordination and part of the use of contrast through visual contrast to highlight the decorative effect.

Study with painting, to a large extent is the living room with a Canvas Art Painting an extension. First of all, because the study space is generally relatively small, so we should grasp the choice on the ruler, after the Congress led to a strong sense of pressure, too small not only to the art and painting itself brought limitations, In the selection of tone should also be soft on the basis of cold color system, in order to create a "quiet" atmosphere. There should be a strong sense of hierarchy and a sense of extensibility in the composition of the composition. While increasing the sense of space in the study, it also helps to recover the fatigue of the eyes.

Fourth, On either side of the long corridor or staircase, there are fine art paintings hanging on both sides,with soft lights on the lights and classical melodies,creating an art gallery......

Choose oil paintings and their own decoration style in harmony, simple living room with a strong sense of modern oil painting will make the room full of vitality, you can choose frameless oil painting. Classical rooms choose realistic oil paintings, such as portrait and scenery. It is best to add relief to the outer frame which will be magnificent in the classicla living room. The colors and the furnishings of the interior walls do not appear monotonous. If it is a deep and steady style of furniture, it is necessary to choose a simple and elegant painting. If bright and concise furniture and decoration, it is best to choose lively, warm, avant-garde, abstract class. The most important thing is to choose the one what you like. By contrast, the other is secondary,it can bring you spiritual pleasure and relaxation is the greatest value of skillful hand decoration oil painting. Try to choose hand painted oil paintings. Now the market has printed artworks, which will oxidize and discolor for a long time. Generally, the brush strokes can be distinguished from the picture: the picture of handmade oil painting has a distinct concave and convex feeling, while the printed picture is smooth, the color is dim without brush strokes.

The first skills to select decorative paintings: abstract decorative painting to enhance the sense of space

In the past, many families do not pay attention to decorative interior decorative paintings, they think that is redundant,even if some family decorative paintings, the content of the painting will choose flowers, fish and insects.With the improvement of people's aesthetic taste, the selection of decorative paintings must conform to the overall indoor decoration style. Nowadays, more and more people like simple and bright modern decoration style. Abstract painting has always been regarded as a difficult art to understand, but in the modern decoration style of the family can play the role of the finishing touch. Although many people can not understand the content of the painting, but know whether the painting is good-looking or not, for the ordinary family is enough. Modern style home accessories with simple abstract paintings can enhance the space.

The second skills to select decorative paintings: the first placement of sight is the best position.

The first point of view is the most appropriate place to put decorative paintings, so that you don't feel empty on the walls of the house and poor vision, but produce a sense of freshness.

The third skills to select decorative paintings: Corner decorative painting changes sight direction.

In the past, people thought decorative paintings could only be placed in the middle of a wall. However, in modern design, many designers like to put decorative paintings in the corner. The corner refers to the indoor space corner, such as the 90 degree angle of the two walls of the living room. Just like the more popular sofa combination type L sofa in recent years, corner decorative paintings also have the same beauty. The decorative painting of corner is not very strict in space, it can give people a comfortable feeling. On the two walls around the corner, two paintings are placed on one wall, and a picture of the same style is placed on the other side of the wall in parallel, forming an L-shaped combination on the wall. This asymmetric beauty can increase the layout of the fun, and there is no sense of restraint in the room.
In addition, the corner decorative paintings also remind the owner of the transformation of the space through the change of vision. For example, decorating pictures from the living room to the bedroom can play a guiding role.

The forth skills to select decorative paintings: Staircase decorative paintings can be irregular.

If you go upstairs,you are facing a large area of wall, then you can ask professionals to draw patterns on the wall directly. This method is very creative, and you can design drawings according to your own ideas. In addition, if the area is not large, It is also good idea to have irregular decorative paintings placed around the corner of the stairs along with the shape of the stairs.

The fifth skills to select decorative paintings: there is taboos to choice the colors

Decorative paintings can be placed not only behind the sofa, behind the television wall in the living room and bedroom, but also in the kitchen, balcony, villa outside of the wall. However, it should be noted that color matching should be made according to different spaces when placed the decorative paintings. Generally, the interior of modern home decoration style is mainly white, and yellow-red tone is the main color when matching decorative paintings. Do not choose negative, lifeless decorative paintings, living room as far as possible to choose bright, lively tones, if the interior decoration color is very stable, such as walnut color, you can choose high-grade gray, artistic decorative paintings.