Choose oil paintings and their own decoration style in harmony, simple living room with a strong sense of modern oil painting will make the room full of vitality, you can choose frameless oil painting. Classical rooms choose realistic oil paintings, such as portrait and scenery. It is best to add relief to the outer frame which will be magnificent in the classicla living room. The colors and the furnishings of the interior walls do not appear monotonous. If it is a deep and steady style of furniture, it is necessary to choose a simple and elegant painting. If bright and concise furniture and decoration, it is best to choose lively, warm, avant-garde, abstract class. The most important thing is to choose the one what you like. By contrast, the other is secondary,it can bring you spiritual pleasure and relaxation is the greatest value of skillful hand decoration oil painting. Try to choose hand painted oil paintings. Now the market has printed artworks, which will oxidize and discolor for a long time. Generally, the brush strokes can be distinguished from the picture: the picture of handmade oil painting has a distinct concave and convex feeling, while the printed picture is smooth, the color is dim without brush strokes.

The first skills to select decorative paintings: abstract decorative painting to enhance the sense of space

In the past, many families do not pay attention to decorative interior decorative paintings, they think that is redundant,even if some family decorative paintings, the content of the painting will choose flowers, fish and insects.With the improvement of people's aesthetic taste, the selection of decorative paintings must conform to the overall indoor decoration style. Nowadays, more and more people like simple and bright modern decoration style. Abstract painting has always been regarded as a difficult art to understand, but in the modern decoration style of the family can play the role of the finishing touch. Although many people can not understand the content of the painting, but know whether the painting is good-looking or not, for the ordinary family is enough. Modern style home accessories with simple abstract paintings can enhance the space.

The second skills to select decorative paintings: the first placement of sight is the best position.

The first point of view is the most appropriate place to put decorative paintings, so that you don't feel empty on the walls of the house and poor vision, but produce a sense of freshness.

The third skills to select decorative paintings: Corner decorative painting changes sight direction.

In the past, people thought decorative paintings could only be placed in the middle of a wall. However, in modern design, many designers like to put decorative paintings in the corner. The corner refers to the indoor space corner, such as the 90 degree angle of the two walls of the living room. Just like the more popular sofa combination type L sofa in recent years, corner decorative paintings also have the same beauty. The decorative painting of corner is not very strict in space, it can give people a comfortable feeling. On the two walls around the corner, two paintings are placed on one wall, and a picture of the same style is placed on the other side of the wall in parallel, forming an L-shaped combination on the wall. This asymmetric beauty can increase the layout of the fun, and there is no sense of restraint in the room.
In addition, the corner decorative paintings also remind the owner of the transformation of the space through the change of vision. For example, decorating pictures from the living room to the bedroom can play a guiding role.

The forth skills to select decorative paintings: Staircase decorative paintings can be irregular.

If you go upstairs,you are facing a large area of wall, then you can ask professionals to draw patterns on the wall directly. This method is very creative, and you can design drawings according to your own ideas. In addition, if the area is not large, It is also good idea to have irregular decorative paintings placed around the corner of the stairs along with the shape of the stairs.

The fifth skills to select decorative paintings: there is taboos to choice the colors

Decorative paintings can be placed not only behind the sofa, behind the television wall in the living room and bedroom, but also in the kitchen, balcony, villa outside of the wall. However, it should be noted that color matching should be made according to different spaces when placed the decorative paintings. Generally, the interior of modern home decoration style is mainly white, and yellow-red tone is the main color when matching decorative paintings. Do not choose negative, lifeless decorative paintings, living room as far as possible to choose bright, lively tones, if the interior decoration color is very stable, such as walnut color, you can choose high-grade gray, artistic decorative paintings.

First, use a simple palette. I used basic palette with green, brown and beige colors and mixed with orange inks which can keep the space from disorder. The wall which is a neutral background of the artwork is pale gray, but to avoid the boring feeling of renting an apartment white. These Abstract paintings are the main source of color so as to draw people attention to the ceilings with 10 feet away from the ground.

Second, turn narrow corridor into rich asset. One of the reasons why I like the layout of the studio is that it has an entrance which is 4 *12 feet. To take full advantage of this feature, I hanged a large-scale abstract art piece 5*5 feet across from the porch table.1 The color of the retro ceramic bowl on the console echoes the color in the painting.                      

  Third, add fantastical elements to catch your eye. These works may be similar to modern art, but they are actually watercolor finger paintings that I made when I was young. They add a sense of movement to this small wall and provide a sense of mobility to the main room.

  Fourth, attach the importance of color consecution. I hanged a comprehensive abstract art painting with beige and brown colors on the wall, which makes the overall space much bigger. Colourful artwork helps to attract attention. Transparent bedside lamps with simple tones take up small visual range.

   Fifth is black- and -white art. The simple atmospheric black-and -white art has always been a classic color. Whether you decorate your living room, study or bedroom,it will be a good choice.


Art is a valuable thing, but it seems unreachable and a bit confusing. Where do you want to start? What is the difference between original works, limited edition prints and posters? Where do you buy artworks- especially when you can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on one piece, we can address these issues in this guide for you to purchase artworks.

Firstly, exploring your taste. Before purchasing , you should take some time to explore your taste . Weekend dates, visiting local art museums and galleries, picking art magazines or flipping through a pile of art books.Are there any styles, colors or themes to attract you? Do you prefer black and white art, modern abstract painting and still life? Pay more attention to what you like. Exploration and observation will not help you build up confidence, but also guide you to explore some new styles and artists that you may never discover.

Secondly, original art. Original abstract art include any unique artwork, such as original painting, sketch, sculpture, etc. Their price may be a little higher, than others, but they have great value of collection . They will add a lot of color to your bedroom, living room and study. What’s more, they will not be dull.

Thirdly, print. Although the real print is not unique, it is still an original artwork. The artist often uses any of a variety of methods to create the original image on some surfaces, such as wood, rubber, stone or metal . And then applying the color to create a print on paper.

Fourthly, searching for affordable artworks . In recent years, the world of purchasing artworks has become more democratic. To a great extent , it owes to the influence of online retailers and websites which can offer well-planned art collections for you wherever you are.



Painting is a good decoration of the wall in home life. In the past, people liked to paste star posters on the wall, so that the wall of the home is no longer blank. Up to now, more and more kinds of decorative paintings have appeared in the field of home decoration, if you know how to use one or more Abstract Art paintings to decorate the home space, then the home will become very tasteful.

 The master room belongs to the private area of the household space. Most of the decorative paintings used in it are hanging on the bedside background wall, and have the function of personality point and thought presentation. The most basic requirement is that Whether it is customized painting, or decorative painting, we should pay attention to its color, lines which should match with the overall style of interior decoration. If the owner buy furniture first, then decorative painting or purchase must follow the principle of matching with the overall furniture. When functions are satisfied, we should also pursue higher levels of mental, psychological and emotional needs. Therefore, when choosing Abstract Art paintings, owners should concentrate more on artistic conception or ideological character. The selection order of decorative paintings in theme is abstract painting, landscape painting, flower and bird painting and figure painting. Of course, you can also draw directly on the background wall, and with the guidance of professional painters, you can do it by yourself, let the decorative paintings become more meaningful. The content of paintings can be created or chosen according to the life experience, hobbies and habits of the owners.

 Different quantities, different requirements for placement,the bedside background wall decorative paintings, you can put one or two, can also be 3 panel wall art or more. Generally speaking, the number of paintings does not have a unified standard, if matched properly, a number of paintings can also be placed in high grade. Hanging two pictures is the most common in the host room. We should note that the two paintings should in two different size and the best is not to hang them symmetrically. In visual psychology, our eyes often move back and forth between the two paintings, causing eye fatigue. If you hang them in two different size , you can make the center of vision fall on a picture.