As the sublimation that the family decorates a style and improvement, people also commences to pursue all sorts of different design means. However, under the influence of this trend of thought, the decoration design concept of post-
modern  style came into being, making decoration no lengthier so stiff, but more inclusive and equal. Here, classic and popular, popular and niche, traditional and modern, classical and innovative mix new artistic conceiving. Then the decor network to introduce the style features of postmodern home decoration.


1. Pay attention to personality and cultural connotation
Postmodern style, as a design trend, replaces the pale cookie-cutter of modernism with romanticism and individualism. In suggesting natural and elegant life interests, postmodern style places more emphasis on the primary role of

humanization and highlights the cultural connotation of design.




2. Humanization and liberalization should be emphasized
Postmodernism is a rebellion against the genuine reason and functionalism of modernism. In the design of post-modern style, it emphasizes the principle of people-oriented design and the principle of human being in technology
The best choice for decorative painting is hand-painted oil painting, which is of great appreciation and appreciation
The longest upkeep amount of time in decorative painting should are part of hand-painted oil artwork, basically more than 30 years without discoloration and discoloration
Now many online shops sell modern ornamental paintings, introducing a store large hand-painted oil artwork
Oil painting has a unique style, which is different from most online stores. The best choice for the characteristic decorative painting is hand-painted oil painting, which has appreciation value. The particular longest preservation time
in decorative painting should be hand-painted oil painting
Usually for the modern ornamental painting of the choice, we should first look at its color. The modern day adornment picture of average quality pass, its color is more pure. Therefore when we are making a choice to its, want to notice
the  evaluation of color above all, in case have chromatic aberration existence, affect the thereby beautiful sex.



Even with a tiny space, a custom small shelving system can be built round the window or door to increase storage.
Whether you have a dirt room proper at the back entry of your provincial estate or your admittance hall performs double responsibility in an urban apartment, the first space you get into on walking through the door is the place you put down your keys and bags, pull off your shoes and coat, and breathe. This space is important functionally, but it's also your handmade to the home, so the more organized and handsome it is the better you will feel after a long day. 3 panel wall art Why don't take a look at examples of homes which have maximized the appeal of their mud rooms.

This a more glamorous take on the traditional mudroom with nice detailing to make it for a luxurious feel. Perhaps you would find this in a town home. Shut cabinet doors and woven baskets for stowing away loose items. Two brilliant chandeliers for illuminating a little space. A ladder for reaching higher shelves adds some unexpected appeal.
In case you have space to spare, the built-ins in the back door to this kitchen find space for a writing surface, lockers and cubbies, even a wet bar. With sufficient lighting, this kitchen will naturally end up being the central hub for family activity.

The mud room does not have to be traditional. A funky light fixture, striped wall color, and a bold visual rug transform the basic mud room components into a modern-looking space.
Here's a rustic entry/mud room with grass cloth wallpaper, many wood tones — even a trophy head. It gets a sophisticated look from quality materials, hanging pictures, plants and decorative knickknacks. This room is not an afterthought.

Locker door faces offer another fun idea for chalkboard paint: Family users can write lists or reminders to one another as they come and go.

Don't forget that under the stairs is a great space to carve out a dirt room from otherwise squandered real estate. A along with can fit under there to produce a sweet little nook with small cubbies around the corner.


The shoebox-sized bedroom is still a charming, versatile and utterly chic and warm space. With the right storage hackers, clever decorative themes and smart palette, it can provide you with a good service and look bigger than it. That's it.

1. Reduce chaos. The most important strategy to make small bedrooms look bigger is to reduce confusion. Discard things that are no longer used for any purpose, and always remember to keep clothes folded, shoes stored, and your accessories neatly arranged in shelves and cabinets. The more chaotic the room, the narrower it looks.

Tip: If you want to maximize room space, discard as much furniture as possible and keep only essentials such as tables and chairs. In this room, transparent acrylic chairs and beige tables blend into other furniture, adding a sense of openness.

2. Maximize storage space. In a small bedroom, use the wall to store. Consider installing floor-to-wall and wall-to-wall cabinets (the same color as walls) to accommodate photos, accessories, books, and personalities. In addition, folding desks that can be folded away when not in use can save a lot of space.

Tip: If you have some space under your bed, use it for storage. If you want to buy a new bed, a bed with built-in storage is a good idea.

3. Expand the headboard. In this bedroom, the relief pattern of the White headboard adds texture and subtle contrast to the overall design. Its size makes the entire bed area look larger than it actually is.

4. Let natural light shine. Plenty of sunlight makes the room feel bright, spacious, airy and vibrant. In this room, the bed is placed next to a window, natural light, creating an indoor and outdoor connection.

5. Use white color scheme. White reflects the maximum light, making any space look bright and passionate. Even the smallest, most claustrophobic rooms are more spacious, with white walls, ceilings and bedding.

Lazy sofas have the general advantage of being small, comfortable, and easy to accommodate. It is a wonderful design. When you sit on it, its shape changes with your body. It is very comfortable! Slacker sofa color can be bright and fashionable, but also can be restored to the ancient and mature and steady. Use it to decorate your home. It looks warm and comfortable also convenient.

Multi-person lazy sofa, placed on a wall, on a rest day with a few good friends, side by side chat, party which is a very good place, it not only to promote mutual feelings, but also to make the overall atmosphere become warm and happy.

Nordic style of home decoration, put on one or two gray tone knitted lazy sofa, in the simple monotony of a little more warmth. With a light gray carpet, the family has its own style and is very comfortable. This kind of lazy sofa is particularly convenient to accommodate, and there is no need to worry about occupying too many places in the room.

For the families who like punk style,put on two lazy sofas, play guitar with friends, talk about music, and play games.White will reflect the clean light of the family, lazy sofa to create a lazy feeling, the simple Nordic wind to the extreme. In the original wooden room, a beanbag couch is placed. It naturally forms a depression according to the body curve and gently supports the spine. Even if the size of the house is not large, it can perfectly accommodate it. The color of the sofa itself echoes the color of the table floor. The whole room became very literary.

Find a corner with a large lazy sofa to sit on, plain cushions and pillows, lay on a milky white carpet, lie on the sofa every day to bask in the sun.

The sunny afternoon, sitting in the window of the ground, looking at the scenery, reading books, you will be free and happy.

The best way to get along is to have a long talk with friends at night, warm yellow lights, comfortable sofas, and loving conversations.