Art is a valuable thing, but it seems unreachable and a bit confusing. Where do you want to start? What is the difference between original works, limited edition prints and posters? Where do you buy artworks- especially when you can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on one piece, we can address these issues in this guide for you to purchase artworks.

Firstly, exploring your taste. Before purchasing , you should take some time to explore your taste . Weekend dates, visiting local art museums and galleries, picking art magazines or flipping through a pile of art books.Are there any styles, colors or themes to attract you? Do you prefer black and white art, modern abstract painting and still life? Pay more attention to what you like. Exploration and observation will not help you build up confidence, but also guide you to explore some new styles and artists that you may never discover.

Secondly, original art. Original abstract art include any unique artwork, such as original painting, sketch, sculpture, etc. Their price may be a little higher, than others, but they have great value of collection . They will add a lot of color to your bedroom, living room and study. What’s more, they will not be dull.

Thirdly, print. Although the real print is not unique, it is still an original artwork. The artist often uses any of a variety of methods to create the original image on some surfaces, such as wood, rubber, stone or metal . And then applying the color to create a print on paper.

Fourthly, searching for affordable artworks . In recent years, the world of purchasing artworks has become more democratic. To a great extent , it owes to the influence of online retailers and websites which can offer well-planned art collections for you wherever you are.