Modern artists create art in a form (or patterns, arrangements, or Palettes) that has ever seen before. Isn't that an amazing idea? It's not so different from the experience of being the first human to discover a flower variant or see an alien alive. You are moved by the artist's artistry to achieve this level of visual effect. In general, we are able to see nanoscale patterns of biological skin that have never been seen before, in all their diversity and beauty. In real life, this is the closest analogy to modern art.

Second, these images are not created by robots. These were created by humans. So, in essence, these are internal thoughts, pain, beliefs, conflicts, opinions, etc. I know that one might argue that one can do something at random on a canvas and that it can also be interpreted as art. But it's not that simple. Think about it. If you have to paint modern art for a few years, if you don't have enough creativity, you can even think of how long it will take you to paint new patterns. Similarly, modern art connoisseurs can easily distinguish between what makes them waver and what doesn't.

Third, and finally, the appreciation of modern art painting is deeply rooted. I mean, when you look at a great work of Modern Art, your appreciation of it comes from an inner experience. Contrast this with the appreciation of fine art, for a painter can depict reality as accurately as a photograph. In the latter case, your appreciation is due to the skill of the painter. In the former case, your appreciation is for the level of creativity of the painter who can stimulate one of the inner chords of your brain.