Black canvas arts-Thick drawing and thin drawing are also called dry drawing and wet drawing. Thick painting mainly refers to the process of painting in the process of toning with less water, Black and White Canvas Art covering with a thicker color, a larger amount of color.
And the thin drawing method is to point to when drawing normally tonal thinner moist,Contemporary Canvas Art has the painting effect that watercolor dripping wet. Which is better, thick or thin?
How do you use it? Actually, thick painting and thin painting are often combined in gouache sketching.
Of course, there are also some authors who prefer to use thick or thin painting, Large Abstract Art which is also determined by their painting habits. In order to illustrate the different techniques and grasp their painting methods, we first talk about the characteristics of the two painting methods separately.
When a thick drawing method is painted, dip in with the pen lubricious and full, mix waterless, when representing an object picture, must next pen affirmation is powerful, brushstroke sense of direction is clear.
It is very suitable for the expression of the body turning clear, solid and thick objects, such as clay pot, hot pot, potatoes, fruits and so on.
In the expression of thick drawing method, besides thick heap and shaping method, the permeable bottom drawing method can also be adopted.
This kind of method is the pigment on the pen although dry and thick, dip in lubricious amount is not much, when using a pen to draw, relaxed and fluent, cause the effect that breathes freely intentionally, the color that drops a pen
namely does not want to draw dead, picture solid, make the person feels very breathable, ground color can show between pen and pen, build the base tone tendency of this colorific area jointly.
This kind of gimmick can make or relaxed, lively, rich, vivid color effect. HAND MADE LARGE ACRYLIC PAINTING CONTEMPORARY ART

Thin drawing method, it is the shop color of the large area commonly, watercolor dripping wet, add next layer upon layer go.
When using a thin drawing method, use color and water to want enough, a gas spreads big-picture concern.
Move your pen quickly and decisively, or you will get a lot of water stains.
Thin painting is often appropriate for the performance of soft lining cloth, glass reflection, porcelain bottles, flowers or fruit, and so on, this will help to show the luster of objects and subtle color changes.
On the one hand, the choice of techniques to represent objects depends on the type of objects, and on the other hand, it is also determined by individual painting habits and preferences.

Thick drawing and thin drawing can be used to draw all kinds of objects.
Generally speaking, the color of dark ministry and the color of a distant setting object should draw a few thinner, empty a few, the color of bright ministry and the color of close place object should draw a few thicker, solid a few.
This is easy to pull the color intensity before and after, but also in line with our visual experience.