Children's room decoration directly determines whether the child can grow up healthily, Large Living Room Wall Decor so the children's room is built to be very particular, the child's healthy growth needs a comfortable environment, design lovely, decorate fashionable and environmental protection children's room to ensure the child's health.

  1. L-type large cabinets make full use of the two walls in the children's room, and the combination of open and closed storage furniture has enriched the performance form; The bed and desk were thus placed under the closet.
    2. Pure blue gives people a sense of peace and increases light transmission. Simple blue is enough to attract children's eyes. The furniture placed against the wall is tightly structured and does not waste a scrap of room space.
    3. The bed is hidden under the high platform, and the above is the children's learning garden. Duplex furniture allows you to experience the fun of going up and down in the elevated apartment.
    4. Strong color contrast uses the visual nerve that can stimulate the child. The two beds that are stacked up and down occupy only one bed.
    5. Add some yellow-green to lilac to create a dreamlike feeling. The furniture layout of the double room is always painstaking, and the beds are interwoven and added. They are skillfully integrated into the wardrobe, shelving and other storage functions, saving a lot of ground space.
    The children's room uses a contrast between red and white, and the double furniture and the heart-shaped pattern on the fabric are echoing. It will not be too warm because of the appearance of red, nor will it appear monotonous because of the large area of white. Offers Best Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas. Cheap Extra Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping.