The toilet is a place where people go in and out.
Not only can go up in toilet inside toilet,Great Big Canvas and also be the place that dress and dress up, if the home has a child and old person inside when more need to choose good
building materials seriously truly.
Many people are willing to put tiles in the bathroom.
Not only wall tiles, but also floor tiles.

But a few decorate small white character, do not know how should choose good ceramic tile.
So after all, what brick is chosen toilet good?
Today see the bathroom to choose which brick is better.What brick is chosen toilet good

What brick does the bathroom choose better
As a result of the special environmental protection requirement of the bathroom,Contemporary Canvas Art its veneer adornment needs to prevent slippery waterproof, so also can have very good
performance below state of long-term humidity, so the floor tile of toilet should choose not prevent slippery to wear good ceramic tile.

2, bathroom also is the place that accumulates dirt easily, because this wall brick fights pollution ability better, decorate also need a few requirements.
If you use wall tiles, you can choose the color.
Rich pattern, glazed tile has good anti - pollution ability.
Bathroom floor tile is made by whole body brick commonly, have good prevent slippery wearability.
Toilet wall brick is made by glazed pottery normally, glazed pottery provides rich glazed pottery color design, have very strong fight pollution ability.
Can choose glazed pottery so.The size of the bathroom is narrower than other area in the home, so its ceramic tile size should not be too large,Black and White Wall Art can choose 300 x 400mm, 300 x 300mm or 250 x 330mm glazed
tile, vitrified brick, Mosaic and so on.

What brick is chosen toilet good,EXTRA LARGE CONTEMPORARY PAINTING

What should choose bathroom ceramic tile to notice
Generally, high quality tiles have low water absorption, so they can dry quickly.
If the tile does not indicate water absorption, you can drop a few drops of water on the back of the tile.
The eye can then observe the diffusion of the tile drop.
Want to know, of ceramic tile absorb water quantity is less, so can say the quality of ceramic tile is better.
Tiles with high water absorption will crack on the tile surface and peel off the entire wall and floor tile after thermal expansion and contraction.
When decorating a bathroom in the north of the four seasons, pay attention to this issue.

Two, can choose the ceramic tile of high grain density.
When buying ceramic tile, you can see from the side whether brick surface is level off, whether has pinhole thickness not even.
At the same time, the tile can be struck to hear whether the sound is crisp and more crisp, showing that the tile has high density and good hardness.
This kind of ceramic tile laid is in bathroom space inside, not easy damage already also not easy maintain and clean.

What brick is chosen toilet good

In short, the choice of bathroom tile is very important.
No matter be wall brick and floor tile, need to buy brand ceramic tile.
Brand ceramic tile is more durable, won't be grinded carelessly, and also be more resistant to mildew and more resistant to water.
The tile itself of the brand can be said to be more resistant to mold.
Then people can buy dongpeng tiles at this time, or can buy the crown bead tiles.
Of course, no matter buy what brand of ceramic tile, had better be to can buy a few waterproof and slippery effect good ceramic tile.
The toilet needs to pay special attention to anti-skid.