Tip 1: Abstract Art Paintings enhance the sense of space, abstract paintings have been seen as difficult art to understand , but in the modern decoration style of the family can play a very important role.

Tip 2: The first point of sight is the best position,the first point of sight when enter the door is the most appropriate place to place decorative paintings, so you do not feel that the home wall is empty, poor vision, but also can produce a sense of freshness.

Tip 3: Corner Abstract Art Paintings change the direction of vision, the corner refers to the corner of the interior space, such as two walls of 90 degrees angle in the living room, just like the sofa combination L sofa. The decorative painting of corner is not very strict in space, it can give people a comfortable feeling.

Tip 4: Staircase decoration can be irregular, if you upstairs, you are facing a large wall area, then you can ask professionals to directly draw patterns on the wall. This method is very creative, and you can design drawings according to your own ideas.

Tip 5: Colors should be matched according to different spaces. In general, the interior of the modern home style is dominated by white, and yellow and red are the main colors when decorated. Do not choose negative, lifeless decorative paintings, the living room as much as possible to choose bright, lively colors.

Tip 6: The shape of the decorative painting should be correspond to the shape of the space. If the space of the wall to hang the decorative painting is rectangular, then you can choose a single decorative painting of the same shape or a combination of decorative paintings that are now more popular, especially the combination of decorative paintings. Different placement methods and spacing, Can achieve different effects.

Tip 7: The decorations should echo the details of the 3 panel wall art. After selecting the decorative paintings, you can also match some more innovative decorations.