First,dining room
In the restaurant with a relaxed, elegant and soft painting, will bring you a pleasant dinner mood. No matter with solid wood table or modern glass table, it can create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. Restaurant Canvas Art Painting, size control in the 70x80cm or so more suitable

The bedroom is the private domain of the master, so don't stick to the subject of oil painting, the only main idea is to create a comfortable, easeful and romantic atmosphere. If you don't have a particular idea, recommend human and warm tonal landscape themes, classical or classical impressions of style. The best position of the bedroom hanging painting is the bedside, the sized chooses 90cm × 135cm, especially emphasizes the use of double nail suspension to ensure safety. The bedroom painting pays attention to the overall coordination and part of the use of contrast through visual contrast to highlight the decorative effect.

Study with painting, to a large extent is the living room with a Canvas Art Painting an extension. First of all, because the study space is generally relatively small, so we should grasp the choice on the ruler, after the Congress led to a strong sense of pressure, too small not only to the art and painting itself brought limitations, In the selection of tone should also be soft on the basis of cold color system, in order to create a "quiet" atmosphere. There should be a strong sense of hierarchy and a sense of extensibility in the composition of the composition. While increasing the sense of space in the study, it also helps to recover the fatigue of the eyes.

Fourth, On either side of the long corridor or staircase, there are fine art paintings hanging on both sides,with soft lights on the lights and classical melodies,creating an art gallery......