First, use a simple palette. I used basic palette with green, brown and beige colors and mixed with orange inks which can keep the space from disorder. The wall which is a neutral background of the artwork is pale gray, but to avoid the boring feeling of renting an apartment white. These Abstract paintings are the main source of color so as to draw people attention to the ceilings with 10 feet away from the ground.

Second, turn narrow corridor into rich asset. One of the reasons why I like the layout of the studio is that it has an entrance which is 4 *12 feet. To take full advantage of this feature, I hanged a large-scale abstract art piece 5*5 feet across from the porch table.1 The color of the retro ceramic bowl on the console echoes the color in the painting.                      

  Third, add fantastical elements to catch your eye. These works may be similar to modern art, but they are actually watercolor finger paintings that I made when I was young. They add a sense of movement to this small wall and provide a sense of mobility to the main room.

  Fourth, attach the importance of color consecution. I hanged a comprehensive abstract art painting with beige and brown colors on the wall, which makes the overall space much bigger. Colourful artwork helps to attract attention. Transparent bedside lamps with simple tones take up small visual range.

   Fifth is black- and -white art. The simple atmospheric black-and -white art has always been a classic color. Whether you decorate your living room, study or bedroom,it will be a good choice.